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I wanted to invest extra time in the beginning to ensuring that our points were done correctly so for each one we verbally recited the coordinates to each other, plotted them two full times and then labeled them on the map as well as the list page. We immediately met a man named Ray who had done 5 Death Races and finished two. Half way up the hill there was a short length of barbed wire trench we had to crawl under with our logs that served more of an annoyance purpose than anything. Just about the time I thought they were moving dangerously fast, one of them slipped and fell. Only requirement was that it must be readable.

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Nothing left to do but fight. The weather on the other hand was terrible.

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I terrain associated and was identifying hill tops, saddles and the correct turns in the trail with the map…but it was the time traveled that seemed all wrong. Then the time came, training was finished and we were on a plane for New Mexico. Oh well, onto to the north to find a known point and adjust our bearings. The point sitters were talking around a fire and I informed him of our presence and that we had been waiting for 30 minutes. But the second problem caused by this carrying configuration did not reveal itself until a later and critical time. These range days were the perfect way to get out in the environment, get some trigger time and in essence we shot our nerves out with the nearly rounds we went through. I honestly have never navigated in a place that was simply put, this expansive. It took us an eternity to find this scenario 7 which is when I realized what was happening. Kinsley and myself reported at am to a location in which we signed a physical waiver and gave a video documented waiver streamed live over the internet. We wandered up to find out that the first point we came to was a black powder target shoot worth points. I called for a stop and made the decision to scrap that plan and retrace our route, continuing onto other targets towards the east. We took turns roll-pushing the tire with two hands, then left hand, then right hand and switched every few minutes because the steep climb in altitude was leaving us abnormally winded and feeling a stinging lactic acid burn. Kinsley went next and in the end we scored I believe points out of a possible Another case of leaving points on the table that would harm us later. All we had to do was reach into the outside pockets of our ruck, drink one measured gulp of our carb fluid and swallow a handful of pills and we were back on the move in an average of 3 minutes. Eventually I hit a point in which I could stand no more training, no more preparing, no more hypothesizing and certainly no more nervous thoughts. I entered the scenario and went up to my first piece of plywood wall cover, turned the corner and holy shit were the targets small! We took a route to go up and over a mountain that turned out to be the worst road of my life and 13 hours later I learned there was a better route that Im sure a better map would have allowed me to see. I hit target one, moved to target 2 and missed. In fact it allowed us to make a push for the finish line with full confidence in our physical ability, that I will describe in detail later. Changed pistol mags and hit, turned to target three and missed, then hit. Now back to that damn tire…. After 28 minutes of us banging on metal and calling out, no one had arrived so I walked in. We refilled our water and returned to the stack of tires to get ours and start rolling. At am we boarded a shuttle van that drove us about 20 minutes out to the backside of a fairly large mountain range. We cached the tire for the first time and went scouting to find a definable point for location. In June I had to pull away from our training and turned my focus to preparing for a Crossfit competition. I transitioned to my primary weapons system of the 5. We walked for about 20 minutes down a tame dirt road that was approaching two large ridge lines and choking us into a Valley. The 28 days flew by in an exhausting, mind boggling pace of running, rucking, lifting and dragging. That location on our map was a full 4 grid squares away from where we thought we were and we had no idea how we got there. I had a feeling that I would be returning to the NRA center and that it would not be a shuttle bus that got me back. I was consuming over ounces of water each day and was still fighting of the feeling of thirst and chapped lips. With every step we retraced over the kilometer distance we had covered I had the sinking feeling that we had put ourselves far behind the greedy pack of competitors that had run off to gather up points in other areas like spoiled little kids at an Easter egg hunt…and I was right. Six months ago I set out to create the two man team. This road was a logging road and would have made a roller coaster engineer excited. The Survival Trial had just started. Between my navigation error at the start and that 28 minutes, we in essence lost 90 minutes of valuable sun light that would come back to bite us in the ass over the next 10 dark hours. I looked at the map, determined where I thought we were and we set off towards what we thought would be the turn in point for the tire. It was a really cool, unique opportunity but the missed shots cost us valuable points that became a tiny little cut on our score sheet that would ultimately bleed us to death in the end. I went back and got the tire while Kinsley refilled our water. He came to me with no fitness back ground and was unable to participate in the weight lifting events. This tire was like a nice moment of irony because I train with tires a lot and I make my athletes drag, pull and flip them. Prepare mentally, physically and get all aspects of your life in order, to facilitate the amount of focus that is required to survive something like this. I wanted to invest extra time in the beginning to ensuring that our points were done correctly so for each one we verbally recited the coordinates to each other, plotted them two full times and then labeled them on the map as well as the list page. The ladies manning the Samaritan point were just as nice as you could ask for at first dark, lost in the mountains. What on a map in Alabama takes 20 minutes to walk, out here was taking an hour. If there was an infraction Jon indifferently handed them a large rock to be carried as a substitute for the item. I think this is that road you pointed out from down in the valley. The previous two years not only told me he could but it told me needed to. Kinsley hit the rifle target and missed 3 of his pistol shots. But for what we were using and racing in they were very well designed and caused you to really apply your weapons skills. All totaled we alternated a calorie hour, then a calorie hour, and every 8th hour we got calories. Up and left, right, back down then back up twice as steep. My poor choice of a navigational decision making, placed us one hour behind the power curve. But he showed up day after day and never quit. Let me now note that these scenarios were all based in urban type of settings but were in prairie or wooded environment so they required a bit of imagination on the shooters parts. The realities are that it takes a full week to consider yourself adjusted but we only had three days. I got a hit, a miss, and a final hit then ran out of ammo. Each man had one shot with a 50 caliber black powder rifle at a target meters out and then 6 shots with a. One hour turned into two then three. When next I woke my mind would regain consciousness and leave the comfortable dream state, re-entering the awareness and understanding that it was Saturday, September 29th, I was in Raton, New Mexico and the next 30 hours of my life were going to be filled with a roller coaster of physical triumph and defeats with a manic-depressant state of mind in a race that will be added to my list of life events to tell my grandchildren as a bed time adventure story. We stopped and fashioned a bungee cord lashing to keep them up high. We created one 32oz Nalgene bottle and a second 10oz bottle that provided approximately 4, calories titrated out over the 24 hours. One that was glaringly evident and repairable, pulled the weight of my pack too low down my back. We finally reached the top of this logging road and came to a Y. We folded up the map and went to find our fist point. We walked up this jeep trail for about 25 minutes, and the terrain became steeper and more undesirable with every step. In fact they reminded me of my mother.{/PARAGRAPH} He never became and still is not one of the better athletes in the gym…but he is one of the only ones to struggle, sweat and conquer a new challenge day in and day out. As we crested a rise in the road we saw a truck and a camp fire. As with all things I had a team set with an alternate team in design and my main team mate pulled out for personal reasons. All the months and hours of training came to a culmination with that…. {PARAGRAPH}Last year I competed in and completed the Spartan Death Race. The strangest thing was that I was using actual terrain features that were matching the map…Im telling you this part of the back country was almost impossible to navigate. A 6 inch piece of diamond shaped steel right in the center of a silhouette where the heart would be. It was an awesome experience. Kinsley and I went of to a shady patch under a tree and began plotting the points. We have even rolled them down trails in the woods but this damn tire was so small and insignificant that it caused us to lean forward with our semi-heavy packs to get our hands on it to roll. Do not go beyond this sign. Well just like any good combat plan they usually go to hell when the fighting begins. Damn that threw me off. I went first and straight up missed the rifle target, then hit 5 of 6 with the revolver. The evaluator will come out to escort you in. I laid down to sleep on Friday night with that old familiar feeling of knowing it would be the last pillow my head would lay on and the last warm blanket I would feel cover my body. This did two terrible things to my situation. This plan worked amazingly and we felt completely energized the entire time and not once did we feel dehydrated or as if a single muscle cramp was in the near future. That threw Kinsley Dill into the prime spot. This place was absolutely HUGE! We conducted tactical styled-endurance training 5 to 6 days a week and on the 7th day we would rest by going to different places to practice our weapons skills. We planned to conduct light workouts in the mornings and then registered for three days of pistol and rifle course being put on by Professional Marksmen. Our packs were barely filled with the light but annoying packing list causing severe discomfort on my upper traps. You run back out to your car to retrieve your rifle and return to the mall entrance at which point you will engage two targets from behind available cover with your side arm 9mm pistol then retreat out into the parking lot to engage remaining targets with your rifle. Well at least we now had a full confirmation of our location. I needed to race, and it was time. Right away I noticed that Kinsley was walking slowly due to the fact that he had our precision. Kinsley has been an athlete at my FaciIity for almost two years. Earlier this year I set my sites on a new type of adventure race being put on by a friend of mine from the Army, Jon Weiler of Professional Marksmen also my partner from the Death Race.
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