Can You Tell If A Movie Sexist The Mako Mori Test Can Help

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Represented by Complex Media, Inc. Since women make up a little more than half of the population, it makes sense that we should want to see characters and relationships that reflect our lives. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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To recognize the value of her story, spider-xan proposed a similar three-question test: For instance, while Avengers barely managed to have two women on screen at the same time, much less conversant with each other, it had a female character, Black Widow, whose narrative arc was a major driving force of the plot. The Bechdel test has also inspired gender-related tests for nonfiction.

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Mako Mori test | Geek Feminism Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Come with an open mind and a willingness to consider another's perspective, and build some bridges! Both tests set the bar pretty low. The Mako Mori can't answer that, but presumes that it has to be determined in some other, not yet known way. And I was hoping here to just get some general thoughts on the two. Want to add to the discussion?{/PARAGRAPH} In many ways, the Bechdel is meant to determine WHETHER the film has a fully fledged narrative arc for the character even while doing a rather poor job at that, as mentioend above. I don't personally use any test when judging an individual movie. But I'm pretty critical of bad writing, and two things I can't stand are tokenism and slapped-together romantic subplots in movies that didn't need them. If it revolved around escaping from her overbearing MOTHER though, it would suddenly pass; despite this making absolutely no difference in how "developed" the character is. {PARAGRAPH}Please observe our rule regarding top-level comments: Please take time to look over these frequently recurring topics before making a new post - identical topics that occur too frequently will be removed by the mods:. The rule concerning direct answers which should come from feminists, and the answers should to be consistent with feminism apply to the person posting the thread as well: Direct answers must reflect progressive values, in a strict and consistent manner. Do you have your own personal test that a movie need pass to satisfy you? I mean, its an interesting thing to think about and helps yourself gauging the movie. Yet by the imprecise definition of the Bechdel, this leads to weird double standards and false negatives. How feminism helps men. Rules regarding first responses: Bechdel Test vs Mako Mori test self. A summary of recommended feminist works can be found here. Still, these tests are useful, and I appreciate that people are coming up with more of them to try to quantify the lack of female stories in film. I definitely think that the Mako Mori test presented here has a wider range, and a greater chance of catching strong female characters that might otherwise fail the Bechdel. Alcohol, sex and consent. Dykes To Watch Out For launched in The strip that coined the test ran in I'd argue that there are plenty of films where you have a minority of female characters, often only one, yet those limited characterizations are strong and complex. Women and the military draft. It wasn't originally a webcomic. The whole point of the Bechdel test is to provide such a low bar that it would be outrageous if it wasn't passed, and then show how the overwhelming majority of movies don't pass it. Being able to look at all movies and take away facts by using these tests is a good thing, but I'd never use a test to make my judgment on a film. I don't 'test' movies as I watch them; I usually get pretty deep into my suspension of disbelief. TV shows are so much better then film I could go on and on I wish Hollywood would relieze that women love action and sci fi too Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I personally favor the Mori test, because I think passing it requires more narrative depth for a female character their own significant narrative arc rather then the more simplistic narrative elements addressed by the Bechdel test a conversation about something other then a man. The implication here is of course that the female character is merely support for a mans story arc most often as a romantic interest , as it is explicitly stated in the Mako Mori test. For those who're unaware this article explains both the Bechdel and Mako Mori tests. Neither test quite frankly, you could easily have an individual movie pass one or both while being anti-feminist bridesmaids anyone? Shoot, passing the test doesn't actually mean the a movie will be good. On the other hand, while the Bechdel seems to accidentally reach to far with the "not about a man"-part, at the same time, the Mako Mori seems to ambigious with "get their own narrative arc". Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I don't like the Mori test. That's the entire point. I don't need to check boxes to see whether something is sexist or not; I can tell pretty well just by watching it. Can men be feminists? Ultimately, if her narrative arc cannot possibly be argued to be 'about a man' she's going to have to talk to another woman and pass the Bechdel test anyway. AskFeminists submitted 4 years ago by BestGirlNonon. In my opinion, these tests work best when applied to many movies, for pointing out trends among films. It's also too debatable whether said narrative arc involves a man. As usual, no sexism, anti-egalitarianism, bigotry, hate, intolerance, offensive or antagonistic speech, or off-topic discussion, all of this may be subject to removal. I think the greatest weakness of the Bechdel is the generality of "talk about a man". If a female characters story arc revolves around escaping from an overbearing father. External articles can be a topic of discussion. Please take time to look over these frequently recurring topics before making a new post - identical topics that occur too frequently will be removed by the mods: A summary of recommended feminist works can be found here Posting rules: Please consult our rules page. It's far too susceptible to tokenism, and to be perfectly honest, it sounds like more of an attempt to redeem Pacific Rim itself against a possible criticism than it is a better test of a film's inclusiveness. This is basically what the Bechdel Test is set up to measure, i. Log in or sign up in seconds. If a movie has either of those things it probably fails the test anyway. Any and all well-reasoned comments and critiques are welcome. I could argue either sideshe has no purely romantic interests, but on the other hand her job for most of the film is to go around recruiting men. If we assume that she talks about this - and only about this - with another female character, this would fail the Bechdel test. AskFeminists subscribe unsubscribe 17, readers users here now Welcome! Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Does anyone have strong opinions favoring one over the other? When I watch an individual movie, I pay more attention to how women are depicted and whether the female characterizations are substantial. If there is just one such piece in the film between two women, it would pass the Bechdel, despite saying absolutely nothing about whether those two are fully fledged characters in the rest of the film. Does Black Widow in The Avengers count? But at the end of the day, its not really a scientific test, more a clever observation of an individual. However, I don't dislike James Bond movies because they don't pass. An example for the false negative I mentioned above would be Tarantino-esque dialogue that has nothing to do with the story. The Bechdel Test is intended to be very limited, and the Mako Mori Test seems like it allows for an expansion, but it's still limited as well. But when we repeatedly see this pattern, where a single female character is regarded as "enough," then there is demonstrably a problem in how women are represented. This is essentially what the Mori test is trying to determine. The Bechdel test is intentionally simplistic. The intent of both tests is to judge the industry as a whole as opposed to individual movies, how often movies fail these tests is a strong indicator of how feminist the industry is. Submit a new text post. Legal Parental Surrender or "Financial abortions".
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